Coastal Dune Restoration



Cova do Vapor, Lisbon, Portugal

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TransforMar - Cova do Vapor, Lisbon, Portugal. 

TransforMar is a community-based environmental restoration project created  by The Dune Project and the team behind Biblioteca do Vapor (local community library in Cova do Vapor, Lisbon).

The day-to-day concerns of local inhabitants coupled with our knowledge of the state of the dune ecosystem at Cova do Vapor has resulted in the need for an environmental restoration of the dunes in situ. Alongside this comes the potential threat of an increase in the intensity and frequency of major storm events and a rise in global sea-level.  With the Portuguese economy still suffering from the recent recession, not all projects of this nature can receive full funding from the government. Therefore, a new financing model is needed to ensure that we can successfully implement local scale environmental and social projects.

The Dune Project 001 aims to restore the dune ecosystem located on the beach of Cova do Vapor near Lisbon, Portugal. This small neighbourhood  is located 20 km away from Lisbon, yet it is completely surrounded by nature (the river on one side, the ocean and beach on the other and a strip of woodland area). The inhabitants are dependant on the natural capital and the subsequent economic boost that tourism brings for their livelihoods. Therefore, the preservation of the area’s resources is essential.