Our Mission


Create a scalable model that can be repurposed around the world helping to solve the current global degradation of our ecosystems and their natural capital. 

Our Vision


To tackle global issues on local scales using our community awareness, investment and engagement model.



The current reliance on government funding, NGOs, charitable donations and the private sector is currently not sufficient to tackle all the environmental problems that occur around the world. Some communities and environments miss out.

We believe that a model which focuses on community engagement at its core and uses new avenues such as reward-based crowdfunding to raise capital will deliver long-term value. The 3 main pillars to our company; Awareness, Investment and Engagement provide the Dune Project with a way to tackle today's global issues on local scales. 

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Environmental Film Production

Digital Communications

Local Campaigning

In today's digital world impactful high-quality visual communication is key.

Society is more in tune with the issues of our world than ever before, however in many regions environmental issues are not getting the exposure they need. We firmly believe that awareness and education is the key to solving this.

We have experience in managing international film productions for the likes of the BBC, Nat Geo and Olam International Ltd. 

We would like to thank The Herd Represented for their support in the production of the Project 001 Film.




Crowdfunding Management

Environmental Capital Accounting

Government Investment

We use our combined crowdfunding & government grant model to source the required investment for each project.

The model can be adapted to the laws and customs of where each project is located. Our focus is to engage the surrounding community within the investment process through direct involved in the crowdfunder process. 

We are in the process of collaborating with partners to include complete Natural Capital Accounting into each project. Something we believe very strongly in!




Community Engagement 

Local Creatives

Local Experts

By providing a solution through which the local community can directly participate and support restorative projects it helps to educate and engage those closest to the issue. In turn, helping to ensure long-term success.

Bringing over 10 years experience in this field our team can assist with all forms of community engagement, from stakeholder workshops to artist liaison we can assist throughout the project development. 


Interested in joining with us to tackle an environmental issue in your community? Drop us an email and one of our team will get back to you. 

Without community participation and support, the success of environmental projects decreases dramatically.

We need a social licence to operate, this is why we put community at the heart of everything we do.